Essential Oils for colds and flu

Top 6 Essential Oils for Colds and Flu

Share with:It’s that time of year at our house and everyone seems to have a cold.  My oldest son can’t take cold or flu medicine because they can cause him to have more seizures. So when he gets a cold I use essential oils for colds.  I am so grateful that I can help him feel...

/ May 26, 2016
free samples from freefly

4 Fabulous Uses For Free Samples

Share with:Who doesn’t like FREEBIES?  Getting free samples is a great way to try out new products before you buy them!  I love free samples so I am updating a list of the best freebies, free samples and giveaways each week. I recently attended a humanitarian night where we used free samples and travel size products to...

/ May 24, 2016
Hot Lego Sale

Sales on Popular Lego Sets

Share with:Legos are always popular but they are so expensive!  So when I see Lego sales during the year, I jump on the chance to get a gift my kids will love and save it for a birthday or Christmas. Legos have been popular toys since I was a kid.  They are educational and they allow...

/ May 23, 2016
Free Letter Template Printable to teach kids to write letters

Free Letter Template Printable

Share with:This Free Letter Template Printable will be getting a lot of use in my family over the next 6 months. This week has been busy and emotional for me.  My oldest daughter is leaving for 6 months and we are really going to miss her. I have been so busy getting everything she needs ready that...

/ May 23, 2016
Paper Goods Deals

Amazon Cleaning and Paper Goods Deals

Share with:These Amazon Cleaning and Paper Goods Deals are so convenient and they beat in store prices! There are just some things that you do not want to run out of like  laundry detergent, toilet paper and kleenex when everyone in the house is suffering from colds or allergies.  Having these items automatically come to my...

/ May 22, 2016
Top 10 Free Kindle Books for Teens

Top 10 Free Kindle Books for Teens

Share with:In my family, we are always looking for new books for my teens to read.  These free Kindle books for teens look really good and my kids are excited to start reading. This week, my daughter decided to read How to Draw Cool Stuff: Holidays, Seasons and Events. My kids love to draw and they have...

/ May 20, 2016
Free Garden Crafts Ebook

Free Garden Crafts Ebook

Share with:This free garden crafts ebook will give you crafts to do with your kids all summer!  Whether you have a big garden or a small planter box in the window, These crafts will make your garden look great and you and your kids will love making them! Get your free Garden Crafts ebook  today! Summer...

/ May 20, 2016
Essential Oil Roller for charlie horses and other cramps

Essential Oil Roller for Charlie Horses

Share with:This essential oil roller for charlie horses and other cramps really works! My husband has always had really bad charlie horses. He tries taking glucosamine chondroitin, staying hydrated, eating bananas… but he still gets those terrible leg cramps on a regular basis. He loved to tease me about my “snake oil” whenever I used my...

/ May 19, 2016
My top five favorite ways to have fun with dandelions

5 Ways to Have Fun With Dandelions!

Share with:It’s springtime so we are having fun with dandelions!  Many people (including my husband) see dandelions as annoying weeds, but they have so many uses.  They are good for our friends the bees and they are fun for kids! I loved playing with the bright yellow blossoms when I was a child and I love...

/ May 18, 2016
15 Frugal, Fun, and Creative Date Ideas

Frugal, Fun, and Creative Date Ideas

Share with:With my big family of teenagers my kids are often asking me for fun and creative date ideas.  They want alternatives to the traditional dinner and a movie date that everyone seems to do.  They are looking for dates that are fun where they can talk and get to know their date.  These date ideas...

/ May 17, 2016