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What if you could save the life of a child by watching a movie?  That is exactly what The Abolitionist Movie is doing!

The movie is documentary about an elite group of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops operatives called Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) that runs coordinated operations to rescue children from child sex slavery and other types of child slavery.  The Abolitionist Movie is an intense, real movie that follows the OUR jump team on their actual missions to rescue children and prosecute the monsters who enslave them.  The money from the movie goes to fund their missions and is used to save children.

The Abolitionist Movie is opening for a one day event May 16, 2016 in many cities including my town of Boise Idaho.  Please help us fill those theaters so that they will open up for more showings!

Get tickets to watch The Abolitionist Movie May 16, 2016

By watching The Abolitionist Movie we help them save children.

According to the OUR group, child sex trafficking is the faster growing crime in the world.  That is absolutely sickening!  This is happening in all countries including our quiet “safe” state of Idaho.  As a mother, it literally makes me want to throw up to think of anyone doing this to anyone but especially children!  We MUST teach our children to beware of people who they meet online but even that is not enough.

Thank goodness for the men and women of Operation Underground Railroad!  These people, have dedicated their lives to rescuing these children. They put themselves into harms way and risk their lives.  And they are successful!  Just during the making of The Abolitionist Movie, 7 traffickers were prosecuted and 57 children were saved and they are continuing to go on missions with great success.

I had the honor of attending a press screening of the movie and meet the people who are responsible for making the movie and some of the OUR operatives.  I was profoundly moved by their mission and unselfishness.

You can help rescue children just by watching The Abolitionist Movie

This is not a sponsored post and I do not receive any compensation for telling you about this movie.   I am begging you to watch this movie because we need to open our eyes.  We need to understand that this could happen to our children, and we need to support these brave men and women who are risking their lives to save these children.

Please help me spread the word and buy your tickets to watch The Abolitionist Movie May 16, 2016

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  1. This sounds like a fantastic movie which brings awareness about human trafficking. First time I hear about it but I am glad that I found your amazing review. Thank you!



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