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I love Amazon’s Add-On Items.  They are generally very inexpensive items that you can have shipped to you free when you buy $25 in Prime Eligible items.  At first they don’t seem appealing because you have to wait for them to ship until you have $25 in Prime Eligible Items in your cart.  Most of my friends see that something is an Add-On Item and they just ignore the deal.  But, if you know how to do it, these are the best Freebies and Hot Deals and they are actually very convenient!

Here’s the trick:

  • We will have a list of exceptionally good Add-On deals on this post and we will update it weekly.
  • When you are shopping on Amazon and you have an item or items that are prime eligible and cost $15 or more check out our list.
  • The Add-On items count toward the $25 and you can get the great deals!
  • If we post Amazon Prime Eligible Deals that cost $15 or more we will remind you to check our Add-On list.

You can get items up to 95% off as Add-On Deals!  (In fact, I have gotten free Cover-Girl Mascara this way using coupons.)  There are all types of items from make-up to toys.

Here are some questions people ask about Add-On items:

Q: If I have Amazon Prime, why aren’t these included in Prime Free Shipping?
A: These items are too inexpensive to ship free because these cost less than the price of shipping so they have never been included in the Prime program.  Now with the Add-On program they can be shipped free!  Yay!

Q: If I have $25 worth of Add-On items in my cart does that count as my $25?
A: YES!  It does! So you can buy $25 or more of the items on this list and get free shipping!

Q: If I add an Add-On item to my cart will the price stay the same until I have $25 worth of Prime Eligible items?
A: No. The prices change very quickly some times minute by minute which is why we recommend looking at these deals when you are ready to buy at least $15 in Prime Eligible items so you can check out immediately.

Freebies and Coupon Add-On Items:

CoverGirl Blush, Classic Pink– $2.39 w/ coupon

CoverGirl Invisible Concealer Light  – $1.89 w/coupon

PROFOOT Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics, – $3.99 w/ coupon

Toys Add-On Items

Craft Supplies Add-On Items

Boy’s Clothing Add-On Items

Girl’s Clothing Add-On Items

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