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It is that time of year again for hot Amazon Back to School Sales!  I love getting great deals on school supplies quickly from home!  The less time it takes to buy the school supplies, the more I can enjoy my time with my kids!  With these Amazon Back to School Sales I can shop from home, get everything I need in just minutes, and then have it delivered to my home!  School comes too soon and I don’t want to spend any more of our summer getting ready for school than I have to!

I will update these Amazon Back to School Sales each week with the best deals available.  Each of these Amazon Back to School Sales are sales that I would recommend in stores.  Don’t waste time running around, chasing deals.  Let me do the work for you and relax and let Amazon deliver knowing these are deals to be proud of!

* Here is a seasoned mom tip for you: If you have kids in High School or even Middle School, a membership to Audible will pay for itself many times over in the frustration it saves!  When kids are assigned to read challenging books they can be very hard for them to understand.  Listening to the books as they read them really helps to add context to the story and help kids understand the story.  I have seen the difference it makes and I am a true believer!  You can pause your membership until you need it again so you won’t be wasting money.  

We love these Amazon Back to School Sales and here are some of our favorites:

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