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I love sales like this boy’s swimsuit clearance sale!  One of the ways that we can afford to buy quality, stylish clothes for a family of 8 is by shopping end of season clearance sales on clothes that are not likely to go out of style.  Coats, pajamas, and swimsuits are examples of things that are pretty safe to buy the year before.

I really think my boys grow every night in their sleep.  They grow so fast!  So I can be pretty sure that I’m going to need to buy them new swimsuits for next year.  Getting them now means that I can let them pick between a lot of styles and get the one they want for under $5.  Buying their swimsuits also means I can avoid shopping with my son.  Most of my kids are so fun to shop with but I have one sweet, smart, funny son who is absolutely miserable to shop with.  We are both miserable by the first minute we are in a clothes store.  He would rather do anything than shop for clothes and he is very picky.  That combination does not make for a fun shopping companion.  (Luckily for his future wife, he has many other very good qualities.)  Anytime I can find an online deal on brands and styles he likes I am the happiest mom in town.

Boy's Swimsuits under 5

The brands in this sale are quality like Burnside, Nautica, and Speedo. There are many styles so there should be something for everyone.  There are sizes from Toddlers to teen.  All of the swimsuits I list below are under $5 but the prices vary by size and style.

*Remember that prices on Amazon can change quickly.  These prices are really good today but they may change so please make sure they are still good deals before you buy.

Check out this Swimsuit Clearance Sale Today!

We love this Boy’s Swimsuit Clearance Sale and here are some of our favorites:

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