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One of my favorite things about living in my part of the country is the great outdoor activities!  We love to go fishing, hiking, camping, back packing, rafting, boating and much much more!  I love being out in the mountains with my family!  I get to know more about my kids and have more real conversations in 3 days of camping then I do in 3 months of being at home with our crazy busy lives.

To really enjoy camping,  back packing or  hiking, it is really important to have the right camping and hiking tools.  Even my little kids love to learn to use their compasses, and it so tender to watch my husband teach them.

camping and hiking tools

Our family got some Life Straws last year to take on our back packing trip.  If you back pack you know that weight is a huge factor!  Trying to carry water bottles can be brutal and you really run the risk of bringing too little and getting dehydrated.  The Life Straws are small and light and they completely filter even water from a dirty puddle.  My family found the Life Straws easy to use and really convenient.  I really recommend them and feel like they are an essential part of any camper or back packer’s gear.  They are one of our favorite camping and hiking tools.

I listed below some of our favorite camping and hiking tools.  These items are light and easy to put in a back pack.  They are perfect for either family trips or boy scout campouts!  They are nice to have in case you get lost (yes that has happened to us more than once) or just to teach self reliance.

Here are some of my family’s favorite Camping and Hiking Tools:

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