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Finley Flowers Books Giveaway

This Finley Flowers Books Giveaway makes me happy!  It has always been my philosophy that kids can never have too many books or balls.  If you came to my house you would see right away how much we love reading.  We have book cases in almost every room and we probably have more than 500 books.  Some...

/ November 14, 2015

Daily Gratitude Challenge

I’m a little late starting my November Gratitude Challenge.  I love these types of challenges because, with a big family like mine, life can get so busy and hectic that it’s easy to go days or even weeks without stopping to really think about my blessings and enjoy what is happening right now.  Yes life is...

/ November 13, 2015

Dealing With Grief Through Service

My emotions are raw as I write this.  My beloved Grandma passed away last night.  She was a one in a million person – the kind of woman who makes everyday better and everyone feel special.  Losing her has been even harder because I lost my father far too early in January and that wound still...

/ October 27, 2015