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I’m a little late starting my November Gratitude Challenge.  I love these types of challenges because, with a big family like mine, life can get so busy and hectic that it’s easy to go days or even weeks without stopping to really think about my blessings and enjoy what is happening right now.  Yes life is crazy, and yes there have been challenges and heartbreaks this year, but there is so much I am thankful for.  I would feel so ungrateful if I didn’t acknowledge the good things in my life.  So I am very happy that a good friend asked me to be part of her daily gratitude challenge.

gratitude challenge

I will list one thing on this post that I am thankful for each day.  I am not a braggy mom and I don’t want to drive you all crazy with how amazing my kids are everyday so I will find lots of different topics.  However, I do have amazing kids and I am so grateful for them so expect to hear about that too.  I would love to hear from you what you are grateful for.  If you want to join me in this challenge you can comment here or on social media with #gratitudechallenge.

Day 1 gratitude challenge

Day 1 Grateful for unanswered prayers (Nov. 4)

  • I am grateful for my challenges because my hardest times have brought me my biggest blessings.  17 years ago I would have not believed I could have ever been grateful for infertility.  After  7 life threatening failed pregnancies, and multiple doctors telling me I would never have children, I was so depressed.  I have wanted to be a mom since I was a little girl.  Being a mom was my biggest wish and it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to have children.  It seemed to me that everyone around me had babies and it hurt to go anywhere.  We were eventually able to have 2 biological children through very difficult and dangerous pregnancies and through in-vitro and very early labor.  Those pregnancies were so hard but the blessing of my 2 sons was worth every hardship.   We really wanted to have more children.  If I would have been able to have more biological children, we would have never been in a position to adopt our children and that would have been such a loss.  We would have never set out to adopt 6 kids but I am so very thankful for what felt like unanswered prayers that led to my big family that is the greatest blessing of my life.

Day 2 Gratitude Challenge

Day 2 Grateful to live close to family

  • I love my extended family and they are such a source of love and support to me and my family.  I am blessed to live within 25 miles of all of my parents and siblings as well as most of my aunts, uncles and cousins.  We live close to my husband’s parents as well and his brother lives just a few hours away.  It is really important to me to spend time with my family and to know their cousins.  We haven’t always lived close to family and I am grateful that we do now.  I often take for granted my ability to have my extended family at my children’s major life events or just over to watch a football game or over for dinner.  I would miss them if I couldn’t see them regularly.  I know a lot of people don’t have this blessing and I need to acknowledge what a blessing it has been and continues to be to me.

Day 3 Gratitude Challenge

Day 3 Grateful for My Husband

  • My husband and I have been married 20 years and I am a very lucky lady!  Seriously how handsome is my hubby!  He is a very hard worker and I really appreciate how hard he works so that I can stay home with our kids.  He is a fun, active, very hands on dad!  He makes me laugh at least once a day.  Even with all of the things on his broad shoulders he still has a playful side that I just love.  The last 20 years have been crazy and nothing we expected and I am so lucky to have a partner like him!  I love him with all my heart!

Day 4 gratitude challenge

Day 4 Grateful for my Nieces and Nephews!

  • I was so happy to spend today celebrating the exciting life events of my amazing nieces!  I could not be more proud of them and I am so grateful for the beautiful, talented, compassionate, women of integrity that they my daughters have to look up to!  My nieces and nephews are the best huggers, so funny, just cute as can be, and I love them all so much!  Being an aunt is one of the great joys in my life!

Daily Gratitude Challenge Day 4

Day 5 Gratitude Challenge I am grateful that most of my kids canget themselves ready in the morning!

  • I was getting ready for church this morning and just really enjoying the luxury of having time to put on make up.  When my kids were young, I had to get everyone dressed, do their hair and find their shoes.  I was lucky to comb my hair and put on a dress quickly before we left.  As my kids have gotten older they have become more independent and I now have time to get myself ready and my kids look great!  That is such a luxury that I would have loved so much 5 years ago.

Gratitude Challenge Day 6

Day 6 Grateful for my Daughter’s Positive, Happy Outlook!

  • Today is my daughter’s birthday.  If you know our family you know that because she has been so excited about turning 12 that she has talked about it for a solid year and a half.  She is so excited.  Of course if you know my family, the fact that this daughter is happy and excited would not surprise you at all.  When asked to use one word to describe her every one of her siblings chose either happy, friendly, or excited.  That is her!  She sees the positive side of everything and finds something to be happy about every day.  Even in hard times and difficult situations, she automatically sees the silver lining.  It is truly a gift and she is such a good example to all of us!

Day 7 Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge Day 7 grateful for a washing machine!

  • Ok tomorrow my kids don’t have school which means we are going to do some serious laundry.  We have gotten behind which is very easy to do with a family of 10.  As I look at the amount of clothes that have to be washed, dried , folded and put away I can’t help but think of my great great grandmothers who had families bigger than mine and had to wash their clothes by hand.  Seriously, what do I have to complain about?  It is so easy to see the pile of laundry as a burden instead of seeing the washing machine as a blessing.  Today I am grateful for my washing machine.

Gratitude Day 8

Day 8 Gratitude Challenge I am so grateful for our Veterans!

  • I am so grateful to live in a free country where I am free and my kids are free to become what ever we want, say what we want and worship the way we want.  I know that those freedoms would not exist without the men and women who put themselves at risk to fight for our freedoms!  My grandpa, father, brother, uncles and several cousins have all served in the in the military in different branches.  I am so very proud of them and I know the sacrifices that their families made.  To all the veterans out there in every branch, war time or peace, and their families, THANK YOU!

Gratitude Challenge Day 9

  • Gratitude Challenge Day 9 I am so grateful that Fred Rogers aka Mr. Rogers taught us to always look for the helpers in tragedies.  My heart breaks for the senseless violence in one of my favorite cities.  The people of Paris are in my heart and in my prayers.  My husband and I visited Paris when we were first married and it is a beautiful, romantic, magic city.  I don’t understand the mindless hate that drives some people to commit such terrible acts of violence.  I am grateful to know that there are always good people trying to help in every situation.  To those Helpers in Paris now.  Thank you!

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  1. Those are all such amazing and wonderful things to be thankful for! What a great list 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us!


    1. Thank you so much!


  2. We have so much to be grateful for if we just try.


    1. Yes we do!


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