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With so many natural disasters in the news right now, it’s easy to feel worried about what may be coming next.  Hollywood is sure not helping!  Why does it seem like almost every other big movie has the world ending?  We can’t control nature but we can feel more secure if we are prepared.

Emergency Preparedness is important but, being prepared for an emergency can feel like an overwhelming task but we are here to help. We will be using this Emergency Preparedness Checklist to help you find low prices on 5-10 items each week.  Slowly but surely we will be on our way to being prepared!  (Won’t our  Boy Scouts be proud!)

Here are the best deals we have found on the items for this week.  This week we are focusing on ready made kits for those of you who want a kit that is ready to go now.  These can be a good deal when you think about everything they have in them.  It is easy to pay much more by building your kit yourself.    I recommend if you go this route that you choose a kit that has a little extra room in the backpack for clothes and documents etc.  Another option that I like to use is to buy a kit for 4 people and get another backpack for clothes and documents etc.

For those that want to build your emergency bags yourselves we will post the best prices on the individual items for you.  You can see all of our posts on emergency preparedness by following this link.

Please let us know if you find a better price for them!

Emergency Preparedness starts with 72 Hour Kits.  Here are our favorites:

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