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This Free Letter Template Printable will be getting a lot of use in my family over the next 6 months.

This week has been busy and emotional for me.  My oldest daughter is leaving for 6 months and we are really going to miss her. I have been so busy getting everything she needs ready that I haven’t had a chance to process how hard it’s going to be to have her go but whenever I let my guard down, my silly eyes start to leak.

My other kids want to write letters every week and she really really wants a lot of mail.  I’m concerned because I know my kids are not good letter writers and I don’t want them to miss any weeks.

With text and email and social media, writing letters has really become a lost art.  I want to make it easy for them so my kids can write letters to my daughter even on really busy days.

I looked on Pinterest and Google to find a letter template that would prompt them with what to write and questions to ask but I couldn’t find anything.  So I decided to make this Free Letter Template Printable to make it easy for my kids.  You are welcome to print off this letter template to use with your own kids.

Click here to download the Free Letter Template Printable

Free Letter Template Printable PDF

In this day of email, texting, and social media, our kids have lost the art of writing letters. This Free Letter Template Printable PDF will help inspire them and make letter writing easier.

I hope this letter template will get my kids thinking on those weeks that they aren’t sure what to say.  For the questions, we have “What are you” and “How are you”.  I want my kids to finish the questions themselves with things like “What are you eating?”, “What are you doing this week?”, “What are you doing in your free time?”

For the “How are you” question I expect my kids will ask questions like, “How are you doing in school?”, “How are you getting along with the people there?” “How are you keeping warm?”

I want my kids to write longer, heart felt letters as long as possible but I hope that this free letter template printable helps them to write letters to my daughter more often.

I believe this will really help them and I hope it helps your kids too.  This template makes good letters to grandparents, friends who have moved away, cousins, and really anyone.

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Posted by Frugal Mommy

Hi I’m Heather, a busy, happy and very frugal mom of 8 amazing kids! My journey to become a mom of 8 has been a bumpy one that has included infertility, being a foster parent, adoption, and special needs parenting. I share the things I've learned raising my big unique family.


  1. This is so great! Having a template available to them so they are able to get those words out and not being overwhelmed by a blank piece of paper. Thanks for sharing.


    1. That was why I made it. I wanted to help them with prompts of things to write about. My kids use it alot and they say it really helps.


  2. Ooooo hugs as your daughter leaves the nest!!! I love this idea to help kids get their creative writing juices flowing!
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    1. Thank you!


  3. Thanks for creating and sharing this template. Very useful.


  4. I am going to share this with my mom and see if she won’t start letter writing with my son. It’ll give him an incentive to practice his handwriting!


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