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Amazon Prime can help Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills, and it is not the way you think.  Reading has always been a love for some of my kids but it was a battle for others until I learned to be creative.   I learned early on that reading doesn’t have to mean sitting down and reading a story.  My son loved to read about cheat codes and strategies for his favorite video games on online blogs.  My other son loved to read news articles in the newspaper.  One daughter loves to read about animals.  Once I realized that reading an article about how to do better at Minecraft is still reading my life became much easier.  With one daughter, I turned the TV to mute and turned on closed captioning.  She was reading and we were both happy.  So when one of my daughters really struggled with reading, I tried all of my tricks to help her improve her reading skills but it was really hard for her.  Then I accidentally discovered the answer!

We were driving to dance practice and we were listening to one of our Amazon Music Playlists. My kids take turns being DJ and when it was my daughter’s turn, she was so excited to see the X-Ray Lyrics to her favorite songs! She read the lyrics and sang along for 20 minutes.  When we got home, she asked if she could see the lyrics on the Amazon Fire TV.  I told her she could and she and her sisters had a dance party and sang for hours!  Guess what?  She was reading!  Not only was she reading, she had to read quickly and accurately.   Now I have no problem getting her to sing along to the lyrics to her favorite songs from Amazon Music!  #MommyWin!

Improve your child's reading scores

Amazon Music has really helped improve my daughter’s Reading Skills.  About a month after I started having her sing along to the lyrics of her songs on Amazon Music every day I had a meeting with her teacher and she asked me what we were doing different.  She said my daughter’s reading fluency and speed had really improved!   If your child likes music, singing along to the X-Ray Lyrics on Amazon Music could  help Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills too! Amazon Music has millions of songs to listen to and it is just one of the perks you get when you join Amazon Prime.  If you want to see why my family loves Amazon Music  you can Try an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!

* Here’s a seasoned mom tip for you: Read the lyrics to the songs before you use them for this strategy.  I can’t tell you how many songs I thought were perfectly innocent until I read them and pictured my 9 year old singing those words.  It really made be look at my music differently!

Here are some of the songs my kids love to read along with that you might like to help Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills (Remember all of these and millions more songs are free with Amazon Prime!):

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