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I love these Legend of the Candy Cane Christmas gifts inspired by my grandma.  My dear grandma loved to give gifts!  It was her passion!  She loved to celebrate and loved to make people happy.  While cleaning out her things this last month I was amazed at how any gifts she had in every corner to celebrate every holiday.  (She was the kind of woman to give Halloween and 4th of July presents. )

One of her boxes of gifts that she had in her closet (one of many) was familiar to me because she had given some to us last year.  It had all kinds of small gifts in candy cane print.  There were candles, ornaments, small teddy bears, candy dishes and more. and at the bottom of the box, printed out and matted on red card stock was The Legend of the Candy Cane.

It is such a sweet, thoughtful gift idea that I suggested that my daughters do Legend of the Candy Cane Christmas gifts for their Secret Santas and Christmas Gift Exchanges this week.  They were a big hit and simple to put together so I thought I would share the idea with you.


Legend of the Candy Cane Christmas Gifts

I love these simple but meaningful Legend of the Candy Cane Christmas Gifts inspired by my dear grandma.

These gifts are easy to make and can be adapted to work for children or adults.

Here is how to make these Legend of the Candy Cane Christmas Gifts:

  • Gather fun little items that are decorated with a candy cane stripe.  My grandma loved the dollar store and so she got most of her items there.  She used everything from small teddy bears, to candles, candy dishes, to lotions.
  • Put the item in a small bowl or basket and add candy canes. (Extra bonus points if the bowl or basket is also candy cane striped.)
  • Include the Legend Of The Christmas Candy Cane  (Available to download in this Free PDF)

These are so simple but also thoughtful just like everything about my grandma.  I love to honor her memory by sharing one of her special gifts.

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  1. Such a sweet gift idea. I have always loved the story of the candy cane 🙂


  2. Ok, now this is a great little event that will create memories kids will always remember.


  3. Forgotten all about this. Thanks for a great reminder.


    1. You’re welcome.


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