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Legos are always popular but they are so expensive!  So when I see Lego sales during the year, I jump on the chance to get a gift my kids will love and save it for a birthday or Christmas.

Legos have been popular toys since I was a kid.  They are educational and they allow kids to use their imagination and problem solve.  But I am shocked at how expensive they have become!

My kids have asked for Lego Sets this year but I have been waiting for a sale.  Sadly, sales on Legos are rare.  So I am super excited that I found this sale.  I almost always have my family and friends ask me if there are good Lego sales at Christmas time so I’m telling my family and friends about this sale.

 I also love these Lego compatible  Building Brick sets.  They are much lower priced and they allow you to expand your Lego sets and have more fun. 

Lego sets on sale!

I have people on my list from little kids to adults that love Legos.  The small Lego Sets are great for the gift exchange my kids do every year.  Our limit is $5.00 per gift and there are several of these small sets under $5.00 so they perfect.

The big sets are great gifts for older kids and adults.  They also make great family gifts.  My brothers and sisters all draw names and we buy gifts for the whole family.  They are still not cheap but they have stood the test of time and a Lego set you buy for your kids could be your grandchildren’s favorite toy.

These Lego sets are up to 25% off which is a big deal for Legos.  If you have a Lego fan on your gift list, this sale is for you!

Hurry and get these Lego sets before the prices go back up!

We love these Lego Sets and here are some of the best sales:

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