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These Men’s Rings under $20 make great gifts!  I just love it when I find gifts for those oh so hard to shop for men in my life that they want and use!  Sadly those things usually come with huge price tags!  I have no problem getting my daughters great gifts for under $20 that I know they will love, but my sons and my husband are a different story.  So when I find something they are asking for that cost under $20 I am so happy!

Three years ago I bought my husband one of these rings for Christmas.  I was skeptical about what the quality would be like for such a low price but they are highly rated so I gave it a try.  My husband loved it and the quality is really good  The ring looked exactly like the picture!

8MM Men's Titanium Ring Wedding Band Black Plated Black and Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay and Beveled Edges

That was so nice but I was even more excited this year when my son specifically asked for his ring for his birthday!  He said he saw the exact ring at the Jeweler for $250!  He and his friends loved it and he looked on Amazon to see if he could get it cheaper.  (Insert proud mom smile here.)  He was excited to find it for $16 with free 2 day shipping.  So yes he got it for his birthday!

These Men’s Rings Under $20 are high quality and highly rated!  But there are a few things to be aware of:

  • These are made of Tungsten, Stainless Steal, or Titanium  so they are more heavy and durable than gold or silver rings.
  • They can’t be sized so make sure you get the right size.
  • Overall they are an amazing value for the price!
  • All of these cost less than $20 shipped!

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  1. What a great idea with the holidays coming up!


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