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Save on sunglasses and avoid frustration! As a frugal mom of 8 kids I buy a lot of sunglasses. And with 5 teenagers, I need to buy cute, trendy sunglasses.  So I am loving this Sunglasses Sale!

With my big family, I just can’t pay a lot of money for anything, especially something I know is most likely going to get broken, lost, or “permanently borrowed” in just a couple of months.  Ranking as undisputed #1 on my list of items that will be lost, broken or taken over by one of my kids are my sunglasses!  Now it does not help that our family has 3 vehicles we use for different times.  (12 passenger van when we are all together, small gas friendly car when it’s just me or just a couple of kids, and my husbands car he drives to work.)  So I take my sunglasses with me when I drive with my husband and then forget to take them out when he goes to work.  Or I leave them on the seat of the van and my son sits on them when he gets in. Lets just say it happens a lot and it drives me crazy!  And that is just me.

Sunglasses Under $6

With my crazy, busy life, I just don’t have time to drive around town trying to find a good deal so I am really so excited about this Amazon sale on sunglasses.  Paying less than $10 for a pair of sunglasses lets me buy a pair for every vehicle so I am never without them and get one for each of my kids so they don’t need to borrow mine.  This sunglass sale really helps me stay calm when I hear that crunch.  Someday I will be able to keep one pair of sunglasses for a long time.  But until then, I’m stocked!

Save on sunglasses with these great deals!

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Posted by Frugal Mommy

Hi I’m Heather, a busy, happy and very frugal mom of 8 amazing kids! My journey to become a mom of 8 has been a bumpy one that has included infertility, being a foster parent, adoption, and special needs parenting. I share the things I've learned raising my big unique family.

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