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These stylish purse hangers are frugal gifts that are practical and fun!  I got my first purse hanger about 3 years ago and I love mine! I have given them to my family and friends and my husband gave some to his co-workers and everyone really appreciates them!  They are inexpensive but well made.  They make a unique gift that is sure to please your friends and family and your budget!

How do these stylish purse hangers work?

You uncoil the metal hook around the base of the purse hanger and place the base on the edge of the table with the hook facing toward the table.  Then you hang you purse straps on the hook.  The purse hanger is secure and stable, and your purse is safely tucked away.

These stylish purse hangers look great and there is one to fit almost any style! They close up when not in use and easily fit into any purse pocket.

These stylish purse hangers are perfect frugal gifts

Why do I love these stylish purse hangers?

I have my purse with me all the time and these are so convenient.  When we go out to eat, I don’t like to put my purse on the floor because I don’t want it to get dirty and I don’t want to forget to grab my purse in the bustle of eating out with 8 kids.  I don’t feel comfortable hanging my purse on the back of my chair because it can get bumped and knocked down as people pass by and (although I don’t think it would happen in my safe town) someone could take it.  Putting my purse on the table isn’t an option and there are never any empty chairs when our big family goes out so these stylish purse hangers are the perfect solution!

These purse hangers are also great to use at your desk or any place that you find yourself sitting and needing a place to put your purse.  These also work well for diaper bags, shopping bags etc.

These stylish purse hangers are the perfect frugal gift that she is sure to appreciate! Get them today to add to your gift closet!

We love these stylish Purse Hangers and here are some of our favorites:

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Hi I’m Heather, a busy, happy and very frugal mom of 8 amazing kids! My journey to become a mom of 8 has been a bumpy one that has included infertility, being a foster parent, adoption, and special needs parenting. I share the things I've learned raising my big unique family.


  1. The bottom of my purse and diaper bag skeeves me out so much!!! I need to get one of these. I mean, just the thought of all the places I’ve set those things down, and I want to disinfect all my bags right this second!
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    1. I can relate! You will enjoy your purse hanger!


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