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Honey Tea for Coughs and Sore Throats

I want to share with you one of my family’s favorite natural remedies for coughs and sore throats: Honey Tea.  It is a wonderful, natural and delicious drink that soothes sore throats, eases coughs, and taste like warm lemonade in the best possible way!

/ November 8, 2016

Top 6 Essential Oils for Colds and Flu

It’s that time of year at our house and everyone seems to have a cold.  My oldest son can’t take cold or flu medicine because they can cause him to have more seizures. So when he gets a cold I use essential oils for colds.  I am so grateful that I can help him feel better...

/ October 6, 2016

Essential Oil To Help You Stay Alert And Focused

Do you or one of your children need help staying focused and alert? Use essential oil to help you stay alert in class or at work.  Eden’s Garden Stay Alert essential oil synergy blend can help keep you alert and focused on the job ahead of you. I have a daughter who has ADHD, and staying...

/ September 9, 2016

Essential Oil Safety

Essential oils are an effective natural way to take care of your family’s health. I love essential oils and I can personally attest to how well they work. Essential oils have become more popular, because of this, I’m concerned about the lack of essential oil safety that I see promoted on some blogs and by some...

/ June 25, 2016

6 Keys for Healthy Self Esteem

I recently listened to a wonderful talk by James Faust to BYU students in 2007 titled The Value of Self Esteem.  The title intrigued me. As a mom of 8 kids helping my kids have high self esteem is always on my mind.  I have gained weight because of a chronic health condition, because of that, my own...

/ June 15, 2016

Essential Oil Roller for Charlie Horses

This essential oil roller for charlie horses and other cramps really works! My husband has always had really bad charlie horses. He tries taking glucosamine chondroitin, staying hydrated, eating bananas… but he still gets those terrible leg cramps on a regular basis. He loved to tease me about my “snake oil” whenever I used my essential...

/ May 19, 2016

Thank You Kroger for Getting it Right

Thank you Kroger for being sensitive of the rights of all of your customers and coming up with a common sense solution.  Your decision to create a single use unisex bathroom option in addition to the traditional male/female restrooms is a huge help for me and I wish more stores would follow your example. I am...

/ April 28, 2016

Sprained Ankle Essential Oil Roller

This sprained ankle essential oil roller helped my daughter get back to soccer after she sprained her ankle! It’s spring and that means spring sports. In our family we have kids playing soccer, tennis, rugby, and of course pick up basketball.  Our lives are crazier than usual.  When my daughter came home from soccer practice limping...

/ April 18, 2016

Most Effective Tactic to Get Active Again

I am trying to get active again and this tactic is really helping.  I have some chronic health problems that have made it really hard for me to be very active over the past 5 years and exercise has been impossible.  I was recently at the Mayo Clinic and one of my doctors there gave me this...

/ April 12, 2016

Upcycled Styrofoam Cooler Planter Boxes

I am so happy with these upcycled styrofoam cooler planter boxes! About a week ago, I shared that I get these styrofoam coolers every month with my medication and I didn’t know how to use them.  I wrote in this post about how I wanted to make my dad proud by making something creative and useful out...

/ April 10, 2016