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My dear friend messaged me today to tell me how Eden’s Garden lavender essential oil helped her family.  I am a firm believer in the power of essential oils and it is so wonderful to hear how they help my friends and family!  It is stories like this and my own experiences that make me love essential oils so much.

My friend’s mother in law is staying with her right now and her mother in law has  Alzheimer’s.   Last night her mother in law became frustrated and anxious.  Thankfully my friend had some essential oils.

She applied Eden’s Garden lavender essential oil onto her mother in law to help ease her anxiety and frustration.   Her mother in law loved the calming scent and calmed down immediately.  What a blessing to my friend and her mother in law!

Last night before she went to bed, she applied more lavender essential oil to the bottoms of her feet, and this morning is the first morning since she started staying with them that she has been not woken up in the early hours of the morning.  When my friend messaged me at 8:00 am her mother in law was still sleeping peacefully.

I have had family members who suffered with Alzheimer’s and I wish I would have known how to help them with essential oils at that time.  The stress and anxiety they experience can be severe and it is so had on them and their family who loves them.

Read how lavender essential oil helped my friend's mother in law with Alzheimer's.

My Favorite Ways to Enjoy the Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil:

  • My friend applied the lavender essential oil to her mother in law’s feet and this is a good place to apply it if you are applying topically.
  • Adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to a warm bath is a good way to reduce stress and relax after a stressful day.
  • Diffusing lavender essential oil in a diffuser fills the room with the calming scent.
  • Drop a few drops of lavender essential oil on to your pillow to help you sleep peacefully all night.

Get your lavender essential oil today!

Eden’s Garden Essential Oils are high quality and very effective and they cost a fraction of the price of essential oils from Doterra or Young Living.  If you want to try essential oils but don’t want to spend too much, I really recommend Eden’s Gardens.

If you want to see some other ways essential oils are helping my family, see my other Essential Oil Roller Bottles here.

And if you aren’t sure where to start with essential oils, this post will help.

Here are some more of my favorite Eden’s Garden Essential Oils:

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  1. Hey..buddy..
    I really enjoyed your article…Keep sharing your ideas….
    I love the smell of lavender… Glad the these essential oil helps us!!!
    Thanks for posting!!!
    Have a nice day ahead….
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  2. I so love lavender and it’s calming effect! Each time that our masseuse visit, I used lavender oil in my diffuser.


    1. That’s a great use!


  3. I love the smell of lavender! I find it fascinating that certain smells can promote health benefits, especially with stress relief… My grandmother and most of her siblings had Alzheimer’s disease, such a sad disease, very hard to watch a loved one with this… Glad the lavender oil helps your friends’ mother in-law.


  4. I love lavender oil! I mix it with olive oil and sugar to use as a body scrub. A wonderfully relaxing scent.


    1. Oh that does sound relaxing!


  5. I swear by lavender oil! It’s got so many uses- definitely a must have!


    1. Yes it is!


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