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Last week I wrote a post on why I love to make blogging time family time.  I love to include my kids in my blog.  Including my kids in my blog allows to spend more time together and my kids really help me.  There are a lot of ways your kids can help with your blog.

If you follow my blog you have seen a lot of examples of ways that my kids help on this blog, but they also help out behind the scenes. Our kids are a wealth of talents and blogging really helps our kids too.  Next week I will continue this series with a post on some of the skills our kids can develop by blogging with us.

How your kids can really help with your blog

10 Ways Your Kids Can Help With Your Blog:

  1. Guest Posts – Our kids have a lot to say and they have different ideas and talents.  Allowing them to post about a topic brings a fresh perspective to your blog and lets them develop their talents.  My kids have helped me by writing whole guest posts like these from my daughter Chloe.
  2. Pinning to Pinterest –  Pinterest is such an important traffic source for bloggers but it takes a lot of time.  My kids love to pin to my Pinterest account. They have fun looking for great content and images and it is a big help for me.
  3. Managing Instagram –  Instagram is so new and I will admit that I am not very good at it but my teenagers are.  My teens have agreed to take over my Instagram account this summer and I can’t wait!
  4. Taking Photos –  Our kids love taking pictures and it is a great skill to learn.  Whether they are taking pictures for a post or taking pictures to use as backgrounds, those pictures are very helpful and it lets them develop an important skill.
  5. Being Models –  Why use stock photos when you have the best models.  My kids love to be included by modeling for different posts.
  6. Blog Post Inspiration –  Our kids are a wonderful resource for blog ideas! Asking them open ended questions like, “What advice would you give parents?” or “What are your favorite traditions?” provides many great blog post ideas when you have writers block.
  7. Product testing –  As bloggers we often have companies reach out to us to ask us to test or review products. Our kids have different interests than we do and they may be interesting in testing products that don’t interest us.
  8. Recommendations – It is one things for a parent to recommend a product for kids, but having kids recommend products they want or they love is even better! I have had the chance to have my kids recommend products like this post.
  9. Unique Perspectives – Our kids see things differently than we do. Getting your kids’ help with your blog can keep our blog fresh and get us out of writing ruts.
  10. Shared Experiences –  Having experiences with our kids provides great content for blog posts and our social media.

These are just some ways that kids can help with your blog. Each blog and each family is different, but I know I love my blog so much more and it is much better when I let my ids help me.

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